Monday, July 03, 2017


Two with Odd Names



They play with ancestors.

Actual Counts on his side, duels for women.

One of latter, Carlotta, from her side. Really.

At times, Jenn-Abb assumes her for fun.

(Other nickname Slinny. Preppy roots.)

They invent future based on names too.

Wears thin, and fall back on sex.

Somehow they later unify on creature from under
Antarctic Ice. With red proboscis, and other member the same in color and size. 

Frozen lecher, OGGSNUH.

She knits him.

He designs bobbleheads: hundreds in house eventually.

Her girlfriend: WEIRD COUPLE–-especially when she smoulders on as Carlotta.

She: Normal. Just fun. Like his romantically violent Counts.

Anyway, they live there amid depictions.

And entertain with all the bobbleheads going at once.

Rare guests awarded the OGGSNUH of their choice in inebriated ceremony.

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