Saturday, May 19, 2018



After Gerry’s Bum of the Month
has exited--Finally!--GOS* schedules
a MEGA PIGOUT at Dunkin Donuts.

Lauren claims, though, that the assortment still hasn’t brought her to the correct farting pitch, fetches a tray of eclairs.
Our skinniest, Alica, demurs with expected drama--”Look how fat I’m getting!”

Inhales two while protesting with pinches
of sparse flesh.

Meditative Alma desires a good crap, would give anything for one.

Which news pitches Gerry from breakup
despair into a giggling fit...escalating
further when we’re shoving her back into
the car.

“Why do we need an event to have an event?” inquires Marcy-Dee--always on a natural high--as she aims the Subaru.

*Girls Oft Scorned

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