Thursday, June 23, 2022


Commercial Baseball


Tonight highlights 

the requisite

number of players, 9,

attempting to re-

semble themselves 

being roles. It's 



An interview post-

abstracted error proves

vaguely contrite.

(Thence to tart selves

beside these.)

Fans go insane, leap electric-

ally at clearer happenings.

A loud drive off the bat

cannot be snared, departs,

thus, the demarcated field.

This proves noisier yet for 

your fortunate team. Poor

for the other bunch, gimlet-

ing overlong as haughty gesture 

of futility. & so what 

do YOU do?

Fraud with More Rules?

& which takes greater

time?...if anything

does, to drop thee 

of any proper absence 

feigning authenticity.

Anyway, forget present 

for timing’s precedent,

the replay coming

so very simply,

before itself. Its nice pre-

cision surpassing

the original, just, for

Science maintains Hence

as Must. Of course,

any awakening fits.

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