Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Outrage Industry

Well the other party
has done it yet again,

those grossest of pigs!
Not having learned etc.

If you can only send $10...TV
campaign against them
in the most affected states.

In the old burlesque, at
the sashaying entrance
of Madame La Zinga,

the comedian would spring
a mechanism in his baggy pants
to make a rod shoot up therein.

Pulpits railed at the nudity later
in the show when un-coy La Zinga
left squat to the imagination in

employing no mechanical apparatus
whatsoever. But the most unspeakable

clerical abhorrence at moral rot
was reserved for the comedic

Finding a circular language
not to describe it proved
the industry then.

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Spring mech smartest thing other party could do. Like Limbaugh in yer pocket.
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