Sunday, September 01, 2013


The Third Way

Velvet Frog

Frenchy always found defective governor arms.

Down for two hours in which we smoked and
bullshitted while he worked and sang.

Laurette went out with him a few times.

“Its all flirty charm and manners, but no payoff.
You wait for the physical and it doesn’t, like, arrive.”

“Does the spiritual?”

“The physical IS the spiritual!”

“My ass!” responds Boss Harvey when Hairy Mac
relays their conversation. “Speaking of which, why...
not parade yours next time Frenchy replaces a
governor arm? Test him out.”

“You’re suspicioning he goes that way?”

“No...on second thought, not really. Hafta conclude
he doesn’t go any way.”

“Is that why he’s always so chirpy and happy?”


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