Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Dumb Friend(s)

-Jilly learned it in school. International Week. Anyway, dog bites
wife’s nose, and husband feeds it cookies after! It’s a Flamingo song.


-Whatever. Gotta hand it to those Spaniels!


-What I say?


-Well, you know what I meant.


-What...if I didn’t talk a whole day? Would you read my thoughts?

-Easy as pie.

-Pie! Mmmm! What’s it with French Apple? I don’t see it anymore.
Apples, raisins, and thick topping of vanilla icing. Jesus!

-Too too much even before that last!

-Yeah, what do they call that? I mean, when something is added
and it’s, like, awful awful extra.

-Grilling the lilly.

-Stop it! Can’t be that! What a stink!

-You got that right.

-What would you do without me to tease?

-Life would be infinitely poorer.

-I’m going on the net to see where French Apple is.

-One of youse intelligent.

-I’ll guess which. Should I google you to see if you’re one?

-Nothing stings like the taunt of a fool!

-You got that right.

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