Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Temperatures in Turning Them Out

The Art of It

-You're a perfect example of the Hired Gun!
Turnout Specialist for the Democrats
hired away by Republicans. Differences?

-Vast! With the Dems, cut and dried. Checking
this list against that. Arranging transportation
for old ladies in nursing homes, etc. And
just around election time, more or less, not

-And with those tough, rather than functionary

-Never stops! And much more emotional. Putting
all the media in play, especially radio. Why a special set of under-lock surveys demonstrates...

-Uh oh! Nerd Alert, Nerd Alert! Wanted lectures,
woulda stayed in school. Give us the phrase
that encapsulates it! Now!

-Keeping the Crazies white-hot!

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Terrific insights.
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