Saturday, May 31, 2014



“I sold rights to it to Charlie Hokk. He put it on T-Shirts, mugs,
the whole smear!

Would you believe that then I had to pay him a thousand each
time I said it in the act? And it was once my trademark phrase!
I tried others, of course, but came back to it.  Adoring public!

So, I made a mistake. And the million he paid me was all pissed
away anyhow. C’est la...whatever. Win some, lose some. Others
called off due to Acid Rain! Hey! Wuzawoowuz!-–can say it cuz
it cost me nothing in private conversation.

How did I become a comedian?

Everybody laughed at me growing up! Got to like the sound.

That’s AT me, not with me?

So what? Who gives a shit? You wear yourself out worrying
about crap like that.


Can I put it on my tombstone? Well, that’s advertising medium too!
Maybe he’ll relent to acknowledge the public’s love of me.

Yeah, love. Don’t act so shocked!”

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