Monday, June 02, 2014


Becoming Notified

Your new tablet chimes you alerts. Phils vs Mets,
each scoring play.

But a darker turn this moment at the hotel.

Delsey leaving you

Then the chimes in fairly rapid succession:

Girlfriend Mims in taxi

Picking out Delsey’s stuff from yours

Delsey claims she bought toaster oven

Given up on splitting goods

Mims says too much fuss anyway

Delsey says you’re not worth it

Mims agrees

Phones Two Vets and a Truck and will take it all

The chimes have lulled you, and Phils and Mets in
extra innings.

Howard home run wins it in 12 for Phils

Time to switch off.


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Phils won? Good. Reality. Screw M and D.
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