Monday, June 30, 2014


Canadians Sans Much Hate

Doing chores around his tiny cabin,
Nurpie liked listening to Budge
Magnow. Though Budge was pretty
far right.

In fact, had just finished labeling caller
Montreal Eddie as left of Marx, but
Eddie laughed that was a compliment.

But the best part of Magnow's shows
were when he took a week on a topic.

This next week would be Anxiety, and
Nurpie looked forward to it.

A lady doctor would come on from the
provincial hospital.

The bad side was that Nurpie started to
get anxious about everything, and called
his grownup kids without having much to say.

Emailed his ex who wisecracked “I just love
worry. It defines me.”

He met his only close neighbor, Bell, at
the mailbox, and Bell laughed, "Snow and
dread, an unbeatable combination."

The anxiety week passed and he encountered
nothing dreadful until he slipped and cut a
finger on the mailbox. Put on antibiotic
ointment and wrapped it tightly.

Wasn't sure if it needed a stitch, but
probably not. A lady in the southern
village did stitches. She had been
a nurse in mining camps.

Budge was going on about the American
Republicans having more guts than their
Canadian counterparts. Nurpie turned down
the volume and smiled as hail ticked.

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