Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Present Economic History of The United States

Marie became a Barista!

She phoned home right away. Her father answered.

“I’m always proud, but this time prouder!" He cried.

When she got home, the party was already swinging, Aunt Dot,
who had gotten the express bus, atop the antique console TV, 

lifting her skirt for a tarantella. Her panties sported Disney characters.

Her father continued to cry. Her mother never, but smiled more
than thinly for once.

“Barista” filtered through the apartments, and even outside. Marie took a break to get the mail, and old Mr Tompkinson felt her up.

Mailman Jicky dug an elbow into his back, and his nose crashed into his exact mailbox, springing it.

“Coincidence,” Jicky laughed, revealing a missing front tooth.

The old man cried that he was only teasing, but was ignored.

“What's it with the mouth?”

“Hey! Why should a Barista worry? Anyway, your government has
taken most of my benefits away.”

“Baristas get Dental!

“So maybe you'll help me become one of you then? I'm getting
bought out, but so far they only offer McDonalds coupons.”

“It's funny...I got good news and nobody else has.”

“I'm dropping by for a belt!”

“More the merrier!”

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