Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Two Atrocious Automotives

-GM has recalled so many millions
of cars, not enough time in the
day for Service Managers to...!

-They just wave their magic wand.

-Don't they hafta show you the murderous
part they took out?

-There's a generic pile. Aged and honored.

-Hell, they could show me a hunk from a
Chrysler and I wouldn't know!

-John Doe for American Capitalists.
Willing and brainless.

-Now wait a minute!

-It's okay. I am too. Just smile and you'll keep
your dick.

-What for? I'm not using it.

-Always hope. If some car company doesn't
incinerate you.

-It takes guts to drive.

-You're our hero!

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Recalling more cars than they made in the past year. Da boobs!
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