Monday, August 04, 2014


Clarity Fighting Chaos,

and with ultimate trump card

“I've today introduced in the Senate
The Tri-part Dress Code.

Upper Class can wear what they wish--
but always with a patriotic flag pin.

Middle Class, a uniform, quite fashionable,
product of a top faggot designer.

Working Class, shirt and trousers, gray
in summer, blue in winter. No exceptions
for Church or Marriage or parties or
celebrations, etc. Always worn everywhere.

The non-working class of loafers and idiots...
any rag they can get their hands on.

(They're tagged for elimination anyway--
in a very methodical and merciful way.)

Children should echo their parents, as a
necessary reinforcement to Community.

Critics say CLASS? I say ORDER!!!

Knowing your place is next to knowing God!

And their little boats are crushed on the rocks of
THAT certainty!”

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