Tuesday, September 02, 2014


New Right

The Future of the Party

-Lessee now: We've alienated Women,
Blacks, and Hispanics. Not to mention...

-They'll do well enough for your argument.
But don't you see? It's all working! We keep
getting more and more angry white men!

-And more and more of them blow their
fuses, departing for some other political
place, like Heaven.

-Others take their place!

-Yes, but not enough in the long run.
What then?

-Why we do an About-Face! Unload ‘em
on the Dems while giving the love to
Broads n' Blacks n' Spicks n’ Pansies!
Like, Embrace the New Quartet!

-About-Face that flagrant?

-Been done many a time.

-I’m leaving politics!

-Grow up!

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No diff from S. Strat!
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