Sunday, May 10, 2015


Sunshine Senior Essay

--giving the Short of It

Oregon is very pretty in the sort of green rocks at the
seashore, pine trees against a boily sky kind of way.

But I like my Florida where it doesn't rain three quarters
of the time! Anyway, happy old camper!

But for some reason it's Oregon trying to sign me up as 

Virtual Citizen. They claim it's only a one-time fee, but 
when did any state quit there?

Mississippi already famous for sending the same tax bills
to virtual as well as actual citizens.

Well, anyway, Oregon is a Democratic state, and claim
they'd never steal the way the Republican ones do.

They got something there. Must be in the genes. That’s the
only way I can understand it.

Be that as it may, I'm getting the new software to block
them all. I say be satisfied with the suckers you got living
there already!

Senator Rapecash--you know who I mean--now that he's
retired he wants just one big nation with no states.

Uh huh? Then the Democrats'll take all your money and
dole back some little bit; the Republicans take it all and 

tell you to go f yourself!

I used to be Republican...or is it Democrat I used to be?

Whatever. You watch both all the time! And that’s the
short of it.

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