Saturday, March 19, 2016


College: getting in, getting on

Gritting of Teeth

-Larry didn’t get into State. Letter yesterday.

-A shame. My office will send you a list of
courses he should take in the junior college.
Then, next semester...?

-Be automatic?

-Nothing is. Just let me know when he’s
applying. Which you should have done
this time! Why didn’t...?

-Because I hate to owe!

-Grit your teeth, Joe, way things done.


Her Mother and Rachel Discuss Freshman Year 

at Rosary College

-I put you with good Catholic girls.

-Well...trying to be good, let’s say.

-That’s the same as good.


Routes to the Top

-Aren’t you just a bit apprehensive about
getting in? I kept rearranging my application
materials before sending the whole package
off. Then I got sick!

-Good luck! I’m all set.

-Why the confidence?

-As a alcoholic, and the son of social boozehounds
of the highest order, I’ve met the important

-And that should do it?

-Where you been?

-A planet where you study all the time!

-That might not hurt.

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