Wednesday, March 16, 2016



Jeanette S Windom could not have
been nicer. Mine was the biggest
snafu she had ever seen, but she
dove into the huge computer bank
and came up smiling.

I just knew I would have then, clutched
close, the 14e. That form of liberating

She was fired next day.

I went to Republican Liaison at my job.
"We found we can kill morale by axing
the truly good ones," smiled he.

I couldn't believe such a policy!
"Civil Service Protections? Not to
mention Constitutional Rights?"

"Wipe our ass with both! How we get real!"

“You invite Revolution?”

“Only because we're bloodthirsty. But shove
past the necessarily vicious politics of life.
Your Jerry is some baseball player!”

“Netty too.”

“Let's concentrate on Jerry, shall we?”

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Yikes! Cruel world.
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