Sunday, March 06, 2016


The Silly Equation

Lil and I the temporary engineering team.
She the creative, I, nuts and bolts.

We worked on a very minor, but nagging

An hour a day for discussions. We had
other things to do.

Retts stopped by and nodded at our
attempts. “Keep on it. Won’t change
the History of the World, but the
guys on the line will thank you.”

Then he said something that altered

“Well, I’ll see you in my dreams.”

When he left, Lil quipped “Let’s dream
about our tiny conundrum.”

Before you start with a sexual construct,
we’re both in secure relationships.

And, believe it or not, that’s the right word.
Secure. Odd one, but true.

Anyway, I went along with her. The one
ground rule was that we’d think about
the problem hour before bedtime,
later visualize the two of us solving it.

Pretty much a flop. I couldn’t remember
much of anything, and she just laughed.

Then one morning as I searched for Coffee
Mate, she remarked. “You at least came up
with a silly equation.”

I did I remember, but in a dream. We called
it that there.

I don’t know where all this could be
heading, but for the briefest, our dreams

Well, I do. Management has submerged
us with other projects.

So, mutual dreams, if they occur, on hold.

Piddling problems often not resolved.

Due to work!


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