Saturday, March 26, 2016


Those Early Moments

-Uh uh. Double dating off. Giselle left.
And in a fit you wouldn't believe!

-Try me.

-Nah. I don't need "How stupid you are!"

-I'd never say that. Your case is too tangled.

-I even took a course this time!

-What was that about?

-(sings) Feelings. Feeee-eee-eee-eee-eeelings!

-Warn me if ever you do that again.

-No Sinatra I?

-Some are born talented. Some achieve...

-Yeah, yeah? And some never arrive!

-Hey! Not to mind! For every man there's
a woman. And yours is being discharged
from a nuthouse as we speak.

-Is she violent?

-Not at first.

-I live for those early moments. The warmth.
And sex, even.

-Assorted roses a good idea. Bound to be ONE
variety she likes.

-I've made a note!

-Ah you're a good-hearted lad! But if you
didn't have bad luck you'd have none
at all.

-Tomorrow is another day!

-And another and another and...

-Heart for every fate!

-Just stop it!

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Not at first. Hah
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