Sunday, April 24, 2016


Most Find Odd

Introducing an academic couple.
One so bizarre that their graduating
program in Linguistics has asked their
institution’s name not be mentioned.

Cliff and Mandy, their real names.

Hear them conversing, and you'll recognize
not word one!

They have invented a language and speak to
each other only in it.

Oh I think some English might creep in,
but I've not heard it.

At any rate, the language resembles most,
in feeling, that of Italian Gypsies, rich with
curses and insults.

I freely translate this last from Mandy
towards Cliff. "You remain a disgusting
pig from an equally disgusting sty!"

He responds in kind. This is their life.

My wife thinks they love each other in
this bent way. She's deluded!

They have the intellect to skillfully hate!

Well, they're getting up there, and feel
a responsibility to pass the language on.

So they're working on a web page.

It's under construction, she tells me.

“All of life is a web page under construction,
he laughs bitterly.

Then they turn on each other in their fierce module.

I feel excluded: their fondest desire.

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