Saturday, April 23, 2016


Oh How We Danced...!

Mr Cheap Solutions

had his daughter and her inattentive beau write
their own marriage ceremony, prompted in its
less-than-moving recitation on the Great Day by
an inexpensive clergyman of approximate sobriety.

The reception catered by the latest immigrant group,
whose cuisine consisted of lumps of dough laced with
minced garbage.

Their native champagne tasted of burnt matches, but
effectively lit the guests, who danced furiously to a
half-gypsy band.

When the starving musicians broke to devour the
"food," flasks of sulfuric fruit liqueur were passed

Anyway, It proved, all-in-all, our Cheapskate's Paradise!
Trifecta of penurious, gastric, and inebriated.

Okay okay! Just my point of view.

One Academic Couple pronounced it cultural and lovely
and memorable!

Another trifecta! This time of the Deluded. And what
would we do without them?

For one thing, they’re guarding the whole concept of LOVE!

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