Sunday, April 17, 2016


Spiritual Advisor

Her own Holy Person told her to
forget, pray

as to what to remember of
the present.

She tried to wipe the slate
clean, then choose

what to write down there.
Carl agitated
as always

the plan, specifically the
things he said
breaking up.

But now, when she closed her eyes, he 

ghosted out

and could be
any man.


The slate very nearly pure,
she mused as

to what of the present to
chalk down there.

Re-enter Carl, begging

-Uh uh! You can’t play me like a piano.

-Ah the magnificent chords yet to be struck!

-People come to me for advice. They can’t
get that from a mess!

-Where better to get it?

Plan A, they’ll
work it out. 

B, they won’t.

Plan C, what sayeth Ho-
ly Person?

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