Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Awaiting the Bowel Imagery

-That Crimson T-Shirt Look ain’t cutting it on
my Gramps.

-Angry red on an Angry White? What message?

-Looks like a flaming brick, and the text: Her! AWP!

-And the awful Her in question?

-Darlene Smitts, Dem candidate for Congress.

-Okay then, so, and I’m guessing: Block her?



-Any Way Possible.

-Who came up with...?”

-Limbaugh and Hannity–-a co-production.

-Funded by Koch Brothers?

-What else?

-All for a local-yokel seat?

-No such thing in the New World of Cruelty Absolute!

-Can you say that in French?

-I’d prefer not to.

-Oh well, so what? Your Gramps can’t jerk off anymore,
so he’s got the Republicans.

-They got him. It’s pitiful.

-How about poor Grandma?


-More of a masochist she!

-Anyway, not just high-minded idiocy, because that same
Democrat Gal used to live next door to them.

-Uh huh? Displaying sarcastic scorn at that point in time?

-She and girlfriends with helicopter sounds. And silent-swooping
drone entertainment programs...sort of circular, arms extended.
Pretty in moonlight I must say! I recommend girl-giggles at
midnight to the sourest hater.

-Uh huh? Well, they had their fun, and now must deal with the revenge forthcoming from the Right-Certifiable!

-Can YOU make helicopter sounds?

-Of course but I...

-prefer not to. You must ENGAGE! In order to engage in political
life in Asylum-America!

-Well, anyway, God just can’t keep shedding his grace on the
Righteous Right. Too many murders ensue.

-Oh yeah? Well HE, and THEY, invite YOU to blow it out your ASS!

-All this way without one bowel image, and now this!

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gamut covered!
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