Thursday, May 12, 2016


Fearing Political Murder

-I’m worried about violence with this election.

-Oh I don’t know. Loose talk now will translate
to boredom as things go on, punctuated by
nasty cartoons of commercials.

-How nasty? There’s the key that turns the
idiots’ locks!

-Oh come on now! Statistically almost nothing.
How many homicidals in each camp? Insignificant.

-Oh the Left, less than five percent.

-That high?

-On the Right, approaching twenty.

-No way! Why the central cadre there is impotent
by its very nature: Old White Men! Give me a break!

-Ah but they’ve worked up Nazis and apprentice morons!

-Allow all to heil and that will be enough for them.

-I suspect not.

-The Chinese curse is 

 May you live in interesting times.

-Interesting I don’t mind; murderous I do.

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