Monday, May 09, 2016


Meeting of Alleged Minds

Nomination-Bound, and of some
Liberal Contradictions, Trump,
will soon iron matters out with
Ayn Rand disciple, and Speaker, Ryan.

(Both to stop building walls?)

Mostly to affirm the sacred Republican Touchstone of grinding the face of the poor--Doctrine here, pleasant fallout in our war zones.

Plus, the menacing of docile women
as to the thoroughly-deserved lowering
consequences of sex--in the name
of Christ Jesus a cruel possibility.

As is a compromise on a Platform more of
indictments than planks.

Very nearly a prayer also for the welfare
of the Rich: May they never be discomfited!

Much, of course, a matter of style
between two men of our just time.

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And now Romney may lead the party of the stupid...
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