Saturday, May 14, 2016



Rudge heard indistinct voices in the wind.

Or perhaps on the wind. Actual ones picked
up somewhere and flung at him.

Young Hector told him that he could
tell what they were saying.

He could do this in Spanish
when a child, and in English now.

They were angry, he claimed, about
being stuck somewhere. Forever!

Rudge uh-huhed, more fixed by
Hector's liquid brown eyes.

Lorky maintained he heard them
when there was no wind. Hector
knew that this was a separate
set of voices, light and happy.

So everyone wasn't miserable
in the other world?

Lorky certainly wasn't, here, under
those brown eyes!

The two men became exceeding
jealous of each other's time
with Hector. They began sniping
in all matters.

Lorky finally erupted: "I thought
I had left women because they
were too muddled and emotional,
and now I see that men are worse!
I'm going back to Cecilia. Let her be
the pain in the ass and balls she's
always been!"

After a bit, she was allowed to join
our bunch. Proved scattered but charming.
Most of the talk about her.

"Loco!" pronounced Hector. The brown eyes
turning hard.

Voices left.

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