Tuesday, June 14, 2016



-Reminds me of the biblical story of
Rudolpho and Eck.

-Whoa! No such duo! I had the whole
book screamed past my ears, courtesy
of insane uncles and aunts.

-During your formative years?

-They rendered them gnashingly formless!

-Anyway, you’re right. Rudolpho and Eck
were interpreters. Forbidden to have
their own story.

-Queer too?

-A few called it that. But that was merely
half the time. At any rate, they toured with
light crew, scabrous musicians, and a
phalanx of whores.

-I'll take whatever comes to my own phalanx.
By the boring bye what became of...?

-One night in Allentown, both went completely,
irretrievably mad! Totally a-babble!

-Was the torch taken up?

-By the local Republican Party. It's the Cal and
Edgar Show now. They're makers, not takers!


-Live and let live!

-You can't do that with cutpurses!
Once they do their thing, you'll starve
by the side of the road, no matter how
many clowns parade by.

-I'm amused though. And have purchased
a lifetime of dried food.


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Best survival plan...a medium fade.
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