Monday, July 04, 2016


Conversation re Patriotism

-Even you feel a twinge at the ballpark.
The huge flag and the service men and
women manhandling it to cover the field!
Then a local person, not a real pro, singing
the National Anthem with gusto.

-Would be like cheering billionaires.

-Granted they’ve gone too far and we’ve
let them. Adjustments are beginning
to be made and...

-Playing into a stacked deck!

-Even so. Such an unstacking will take
some time.

-One gets only one lifetime.

-And we can never achieve Utopia in it!
So what?

-Only that we can’t put up with a phony one.

-We moved from that...or are moving.

-Oh well! You and I are throwing into the effort.
Not hanging back to make wisecracks. And that’s
enough for me to feel the twinge you speak of.

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Oh say can you see!
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