Thursday, July 14, 2016



Dr Lotz called a meeting to gently reprimand.

Starting with himself. He got on the scale in front
of everyone.

“Two nineteen! Should be one seventy!”

Didn’t insist the others weigh themselves.

Physical evidence in straining seams, pot bellies,
expanded derrieres etc.

Even Scrawny the Chief Orderly and his assistant,
Fred Astaire, aka George Hebberly, resembled
Macy parade floats.

As to the patients, there for therapeutic weight loss?

They seemed to do better and better, while the same
principles enlarged individual doctors, nurses, and others.

Ripper Askew, Engineer, could wait no longer. He presented
the plan to reinforce the floors to the Board.

A genial bunch who just laughed at the staff predicament,
but okayed the remedial construction

Fortunately, just before a massive influx of new
patients, the old ones being discharged a week earlier.

As the construction gang waited to begin, the
steel girders and rebar piled on the grass
and the cement truck revolving its huge barrel,
the building collapsed, crushing all staff in
the process of vacating. Unfortunately, handling
last-minute chores.

The Grand Opening of the New Serenity Falls
in a year.

At that, Architect Hap Happersly of Happersly,
Keenan, Otz, Merriweather, and Dingel, wisecracks.

“If you had polar bears on the staff instead of docs
and nurses, these floors will hold. Drive in some
General Patton tanks. The back bank of elevators
will send each one to a specific floor!”

But, one serious sign: the new staff devours
the luncheon, and catering company “Eat!”
rushes in more.

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