Friday, August 12, 2016


Bigfoot and Butterfinger

When Bigfoot was finally captured,
he was held in an upper corridor
of the Mangrove United Townships
Jail. There was sufficient headroom
there, and he was triple manacled
to a cell door.

An architect designed a super secure
cell to be built around him. And a
Republican firm naturally got the
no-bid contract.

There he hugely stayed while his
trial never went forth. Not ever
speaking to, or mixing with, another

He was famous among them, and
a betting pool ensued.

As to when his second shoe would drop
of an evening.

Pal Evers won the night when the thumping
noise coincided with a horrible shriek.

Tippy Kitsers, aka Butterfinger, was crushed
to death under the shoe.

Butterfinger, homeless, ran errands for the
men after visiting hours, getting them candy
from the machines etc.

He slept where he could indoor or out, but this
evening had snuck into Bigfoot’s super secure cell!

An investigation, of course, where Democrats scream
of the incompetent, gouging privatization that
enriches Republican greasy goombahs.

And Republicans asked if a return to the days where
the Democratic claw was in every pocket etc etc.?

At any rate, Bigfoot is finally moved to a special building just
for him at Leavenworth. His trial will be in the Kansas University
Memorial Football Stadium, halftime, vs Nebraska.

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