Sunday, September 11, 2016


Dissecting Behavior

Brill and Aggie chewed over Barb’s remark to Katzy that evening:

Why are you so shy? You’re not that good!

“Well, why IS he so shy?” shrugged Aggie.

“All kinds of shy. There’s the one where the closed one won’t talk because the rest of us are too stupid.”

“I lean that way.”

“Or, being genuinely afraid and timid.”

“Not with a few drinks in him! No woman safe
from hands or wit of ole Katzy!”

“Or, being deeply depressed. Period.”

“Uh huh? Well, which for him? o Great Definer!”
What makes for shy in his case?

“All. None. We’re...great mysteries, Aggie.”

“Bullshit! Not a tenth of an ounce of MYSTERY
in the whole gang!”

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