Thursday, November 03, 2016


Defining Drama Queen

-We're more than a bit nervous,
but not Drama Queens.

-I don't like to be called anything
with Queen in it!

-Noted. Well then, let's coin a term:
Dramatics. Suitable for our sex,
and the fair one also.

-I feel like a Dramatic sometimes.

-All about you?

-I guess one likes to add color and
zip to the proceedings upon occasion.

-With a super dash of ego?

-That, too, of course.

-Life can get gray without Dramatics.

-So, let the worst of us overdraw it? Bully us
that way?

-In measure.

-It's...mostly gray now.

-Get more friends! Go to ballgames.
We live near Philly. Phillies,
Eagles, Sixers, Flyers form the
regional bellyache. Sports Radio
will extinguish your spare, lonely hours.

-Should...I marry again?

-Sixty-two percent. She'll bring problems,
but compensations.

-Must make sure she's not a Drama Queen!


-Oh, right. I'm glad we had this little chat.
It brought me absolutely nothing.

-What I'm here for.

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Always loved DQ, especially in summer.
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