Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Old Program


Micksey was nice.

So much so that an attesting certificate--
all gold leaf, would not be out of place
on her efficiency wall.

Jean, leader of the pack, attempted
wising her up re men.

"Don't worry. I grew up with brothers
pulling on it morning noon and night.
So, I know sex."

She didn't.

Nor, really, did Charles. He dropped the
s in pronunciation, a la French.

So, an affectation. Let's not cast stones.

Anyway, equally as nice. One morning Georgie
and Melody woke to the sound of roto-tilling.

Charles doing the new garden plot at their
house. "I woke up early, so...why not?"

He was never mentioned without the adjective
lovely preceding.

What will you, alive, yet dead, in the ironic
frames of today, predict about these heroic
two marrying.

They toughen up in the terrific adjustment?

Uh uh. Become, instead, nasty as catshit!

Everybody avoided them.

Enter Dixie and Hal, dewy innocents.

Goto 1.

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