Sunday, November 06, 2016


Their Batting Average

For Cause

Phoned the wrong girl for a date.

He wanted Cindy, a talky personality.
Then he could nod all evening, agreeing.

But he reached Mindy, a stone.

Well, she listened. His problem: the
Honor Society.

Neanderthal politicians attempting
to hijack it! Not a scholar among
them! you’ll have no trouble believing.

Mindy would help him fight! All his
causes, in fact, became immediately
fierce to her! Pattern.

No kids...decided after the first very
very serious conversation–-on a weekend
away from the pressing social external.

She did talk thereafter, and over the years,
but not too much small stuff. Always to
a purpose.

Fast forward to Social Security! They did
a lot together. Battles!

Victories! Some lasting, most not.

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