Tuesday, December 06, 2016


After the breakup--


Heck and Lucy never met again,
though living in a five mile circle.

After two years, he thought he
spied her athletic rear in Home Depot,
and followed at a distance.

But that woman was soon hectoring
a clerk in Lighting. Lucy was a
smoother operator.

Friend Lincoln: "Statistically you have
to meet her soon, unless the gods
of sanity are holding you magnetically apart."

"l'm dreading."

"That's you! She has moved on!
But you're a nonentity from nowhere
doing nothing!"

"Helps me breathe."

"You know what I do when faced with
a really human conundrum? I ask
what would a grownup do?"

"ln my juvenile case?"

"Phone her! Hey been two years and I wondered..."

"Yeah? And where from there?
She's unpredictable! What if she
wants to hook up again?"

"A fear completely groundless!”
l just want you two chatting and
hanging up. Perfect! Now you
can meet by accident without
a stroke."

"Nonentitiy, hey?"

"Well not ALWAYS!"

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