Friday, December 09, 2016



We all liked the idea of the Revue.

First up was Georgie, with FEET!

She had been a Radio City Music Hall
Rockette.  Then migrated to Vegas for years,
perhaps a few too many.

Dancing just great! But even more interesting,
her extended family, and she introduces each
vital youngster! From three quite captivating

Second, lifetime police officer, Jeremy Carruthers.  Finally, Chief of Brenley Falls, where he whipped an indifferent lot into shape, and instituted some innovative forms of actual clarity.

Chief had a heart, also. And helped many criminals back to decency.

He gave a slide show, nothing flashy, but steady
and wholesome.

Last for this week. THROUGH A GLASS, DECEPTIVELY. Hoddings Kraft. Noir film. Banking.

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