Thursday, April 06, 2017


At the Call Center

When Jensy actually went to work at the Call Center,
she discovered that the most sophisticated robot
had handled calls to her previously, when she had been
a mere random prospect, because she was labeled TSS.

Totally Sloppy Speaker.

That hurt, and she sought out Dr Kildad Morrisey
for enunciation lessons.

He helped her, and she eventually received a small
promotion to Rural Targets.

But, one evening she encountered an Enunciation
Emergency! Reached him on his cell at the Lakers
Game, where he drunkenly labeled her a stupid

She flew into the embrace of old Dixon at the
Akimbo Arms Tavern.

“Why do they hurt and hurt and hurt?” he asks.

“They say it’s to make us better.”

“Bullshit! It’s for their own vile sickness!”

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