Sunday, April 16, 2017



Marcie-Jen flat out lied!

Frequently challenged, she complained that people
painted her into a corner, thus forcing more lies.

“That much is true,” maintains our Elder One.
"You shouldn't show how clever you are by
trapping her."

“Yeah, first you should work on your own behavior
first!” That from Derrick, who never did. And fancied her.

He was warned away by the wise Elder. "Just don't depend
on her! Push will really really come to shove, and she'll
let you down by telling the truth."

“Then the truth will be a lie!” added Tess, who thought
that funny.

“We’re getting to something here!”

“Yeah, Philosophy!” Derrick spat. “No wonder I flunked it.
Religion too! Same teacher. A small college.”

Too many of those!  And we went off on Education, leaving
Marcie-Jen to lie as a lifestyle.

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