Sunday, April 02, 2017


The Creation of Paradise

proved, as much does, political.

No problems whatever for those
desiring gooey cheeseburgers and
chocolate peanut butter cups--to
mention the more trivial requests--
but posher cuisines had to be limited.

As you can imagine, the real hangup
came with Sex. 

Which the Preamble had already 
projected as "Wholesome and Abundant."

A group arose, self-designated "Fiends!"

They wanted to amend the Preamble, but
Chair ruled that language had already
been voted in.

The Fiends then chanted, and performed
lascivious dances!

They were expelled, but continued outside,
surrounded, of course, by TV Cameras.

To everyone's satisfaction, they were
eventually transferred to the Arch-Fiend.

We felt that Heaven had to stand for something.

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