Sunday, April 09, 2017


The Meaning of Something

Mr Nevers was perfectly nice.

-Well! Then! Is it A or B?

Jordan was sure of A, and
Louisa pretended to be.

But she couldn’t keep it up.
-We need more time!

So, Nevers suggested a fifteen
minute break.

Whereupon Louisa brought out
the guns previously sheathed.


-I’ll go along with you, and B, if you’ll
just shut up!

Thus Jordan worn down. Another of
her little victories.

When the conversation resumed
with Nevers, the smiling man
accepted B, but mentioned that
the computer had suggested C
and that he, himself, was confident
in D.

Louisa took them all on. No machine
or bureaucrat or husband would
defeat her. End of story.

Except for your opinion. The decision was

1 Right!

2 A disaster!

3 The usual inconclusive mishmash.

4 Forgotten, anyway.

You need more info?

Dodging again?

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