Monday, April 24, 2017


Varieties of Human Personality

Brent Andrews didn't have
to labor very long to line
the closet with aluminum foil.

There he sat a few hours a day,
and felt stronger. So, avoiding
the rays important!

Mickey Karks laughed, ripping
down much of the foil. And
tearing off the closet door!

He stopped him too late. But
berated him. "You'll feel shame
someday! Not now, since you're
a cruel amoral pig!"

The pig continued laughing.
"Are you getting bombarded
again by all the raysie-waysies?
Might affect your balls if you
had any!"

Randolf Haker stopped in after
Mickey left.

To Brent, Mickey's sneer and middle
finger still imprinted the trailing foil,
but Randolf his equal self.

"We are forbidden to judge the stupid.
Leave him to Heaven!" On their knees,
they prayed as zephyrs from an open
window flashed them extraordinarily.

That evening, Jenny Toles brought her
clothes and hung them mid metallic shreds.

Brent tried on a sweater and tennis skirt along
moonlit dapples.

“I don't know if I like your doing that!” Her gray
eyes, though, always remaining kind.

“Whitman said I am all men and women!”

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