Friday, May 05, 2017



-I almost relished the atrocious material!

-Given THAT turkey, say they, the sonofabitch can really act?

-A script my international film career followed explicitly.

-Well, you’re distinguished! But no one says that,
because of all the bad shows.

-They do in the theater. Feel it across the footlights! to speak.

-What’s up there?

-Just did Lear, Claremont Experimental.

-Wow! Interesting!

-You’d think, but...more bad luck with Typhoon Inez for opening.


-Producers threw in the sponge.

-Hafta be humongous one for typhoon.

-Such a bad joke! But probably called for.

-Sorry. But one and done for Lear?

-Not completely. Cast got it on their phones.

-Quite a juggling act! You come offstage and quick grab your phone?

-No need, they’re in the script.

-Uh?...what sound a modern turkey make?

-I’ll put it on Speaker.

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