Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Millennial Trio

-Is my whole life getting on
Frisian Locomotives?

-No, your whole life consists
of stringing nonsense sounds.

-You, likewise, can't have a year
excluding October.

-You should. It's the gateway to
freakin ice!

-The dearth of tri-axial moonbeams
can no longer be ignored.

-Let’s ignore it anyway. Just for practice.

-My whole life...

-Not again!

-Your whole life consists of weakly
bitching for incoherent reasons.

-How rare to meet a true Millennial!

-Why not take a nice lay-down, Honey?

-My parents!

-Thought your little words were golden.

-As they hovered. And hovered!

-Helicopter Parents!

-Look around! They may be still!

-I don't need anyone anymore! I'm a
miracle as I stand. A living and

-Uh huh?

-And the farmer took another
load away!

-If I became a farmer I'd make it better!
You’d see!

-Let’s give you an award now!
Before the fact.

-Ah but there are no facts!

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