Thursday, June 15, 2017


The Reverse Transfer

-So few applications for
reverse transfers, that
I wanted to talk to you.

-Of course.

-Do you have a complaint or...?

-No complaint, really. Just the
sad acknowledgment that most
have lied their way in.

-As on Earth. Hypocrisy. We run
campaigns to help eradicate it,

-Our strongest habit...?

-I suppose. But, have you participated
in any...?

-No. I stay away. Preferring to read.

-An odd one.


-So, you don't like the Campaigns
for Goodness...and the company?


-Don't you fear the suffering in
the other place?

-I think I'll be more left alone.

-In my experience, I don't find
that a truly driving force...
as the French say "Cherchez..."

-I admit it! I hope to find her there,
continue our Earth sinning!

-Not very noble.


-Well, many more to choose from if
she doesn't work out.

-Are you saying Hell consists
mostly of women?

-They say men forced them there.

-I feel I was forced here!

-To experience bad company?
Aren't you too much the Idealist?

-Admitted. Idealist. Loner. Lover.

-Don't romanticize! I can't stand it.
Here! I'm stamping your papers.
May you find your peculiar Heaven
in Hell!

-Everywhere's peculiar.   

-And everyone?

-Some pipe up.

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