Friday, June 09, 2017


The Weekend

-Her monosyllables pollute
my poor brain still.

-Never embark on a long
weekend with a stranger.

-We left in icy rain.

-That's just climate. How
about the rest?

-I worked even harder on
conversation. A flop. Sex came
after, anyway.

-Glimmer of hope?


-Wash it away. All of it.
Never happened!

-Nearly there, but the gods
totally bored, so she's come
to work in my department.

-Not good! Do you two speak
of your wingless lovebird time?

-Just to guffaw.

-Don't try again!


-As in failure?

-Wouldn't want to disappoint

-Life! Grim grim life!

-You can be my biographer.

-I'll tell you what! I gather
two more alleged men, and we
go to a ballgame.

-But all we do is laugh.


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