Tuesday, July 25, 2017



At home:

Her!  Always.

He all but explodes
into a Hitler Salute daily.

But at work:

absorbs a score of 
good mornings,
most fearful.

Goes it thus for years.


Enter, then, mincing:


And emotions ripped from
his fat  chest.

Mme Hitler learns everything
and finds it hilarious. She does,
however, make sure of her future.

Divorce not necessary if he’s
locked in to this deal.

For now.

He signs.

Mistress acquires phantom illnesses.
Other two talk her down from sighs.

This is, however, not a nice story.

Gets worse no matter what
the parties essay.

Thank God nobody else cares!

Though they’re creative, actually.

(Last, wife works out condo deal
for amusing Mistress.)

The 3.

And get to liking that in each other.

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