Saturday, July 29, 2017


Three For Then

The Man Who Scheduled Every Minute

forgot everything of a morning.

No worry, backed up on all his devices?

He forgot that too.

Finally his phone vibrated and chimed madly.

“You’re Randall!” it announced.

“I’m Randall!” screamed he.

And all flooded back.

The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Eating

played furous tennis each morning
with his Chief Doctor.

Who usually surrendered. “You have
the metabolism of a Pittsburgh
Blast Furnace!”

He banked those fires to sleep,
dreaming of food...then sex.

The Wedding and Reception

Zach had nary a snobbish bone.

Thus married he his housekeeper.

His mother repeated egalitarian
moments of his childhood at the

Her side wasn’t much interested.
They had cried copiously at
the wedding, and now devoured
food and drink.

Prior to dancing maniacally to
Newton and the New Tones.

Their Chief, who gave her away,
gathered himself enough to
try out the slogan.

Expect Perfection Honda Wife!

Their present proved a dedicated iPad
containing her revised manual.

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