Thursday, September 05, 2013


The Wonders of Political Change

The man who was utterly no good 

by any measure

underwent several administrations. The Conservatives
lectured him on responsibility, on demanding power, and
on bowing down.

Their policies cut his puny wages in half, giving the
difference to their contributors.

He did try their little personal bag of tricks, but
asserted his power at the wrong time and was
beaten up by bored delinquents.

The Liberals gave him cards for food and rent.
Told him it was temporary--until he got on his feet.

Since he had never been there, he hadn't a clue to
the route.

Moderates finally swept in because of the seething
disgust with both ruling parties.

They sent a man and woman. He held money,
she a baseball bat.

When they both delivered at once, he found the
experience sexual.

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