Saturday, July 12, 2014


“The essential can be detrimental.”

-Oh boy, number 67 of Hobart Grimshaw’s
Bromides. Listen and learn to live!

-I don’t deny that I’ve culled proverbs etc
from books, from friends, the Net, Bible.

-Horseradish. Mostly.

-Guides life! What do you do?

-Just a good heart, that’s all. What’s that part
of Bible? Don’t worry about what to say, I’ll
help you when the time comes!

-I like your simple rephrasing, Lil. The hens in the
barnyard would stop pecking to listen.

-Uh huh? Well they wouldn’t listen to your 

Jiffy Guide to Silly-ass Living.

-O ye of little faith!

-I’m still getting it, staying on the wavelength!

-Yeah. Sure.

-Hey if the speaker for United Nations suddenly died and they tabbed you to go on, you’d be a chattering wreck!

-And you’d stride in bold as brass.

-Bet your ass! I’d just open my mouth.

-And knock the international scene back fifty years!

-Thrust it forward through real faith, not ticky-tacky.

-Well, harmless as these daydreams are, Dear, I gotta go back to what they pay me for. Anyway, enjoy your belfry!

-I will.

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