Sunday, August 31, 2014


Important Parties

He still hated her.

But there she was at the party for Mickey and
Melora going to Europe for his job.

Laughing! Well he had seen her cry many a time.

The more she enjoyed, the more he withdrew.
Finally sitting in the middle of several chairs,
nursing the bottle he had brought. Perhaps not
the exact one...had grabbed it from a table.

He's eventually shoved to the wall with the chairs,
and rugs thrown over the jumble. For the kids and
their dancing.

Muttering under there, and then crying. One youngster
shouts “Lighten up, Old Man!”

Their comedian.

He falls asleep, but wakes to hear her leaving.
Even over all the din, her usual hysteria.

Emerges in the middle of crazy dancing.

But Becks rescues blinking him. "Where you been?
We got a helluva football pool going! Throwing in
twenty each, so one sweet payoff!"

"I'm in!"

“Money talks!”

Gives him the twenty. “I got the munchies you wouldn’t believe!”

“Eat for Crisakes! Enough for an army!”

Laurette loads her plate too. Did she see Delsey leave?

“Yeah, with some bum. Exquisite taste!...oh I’m sorry:
you were one.”

“Ancient History!”

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I wanna visit THAT universe one day.
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